One Sheet

“A whimsical cavalcade of pop” – Come Here Floyd

Based in Brooklyn, Strange Weather is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/producer Sean Brennan. For the past decade, you’ve heard his work on national TV commercials, but Strange Weather is something entirely new, yet classic. They’ve been gradually garnering attention for their unique sound – colorful, deep, poetic, groovy – indie tastemaker Tonspion called “a psychedelic dream”. In 2017, their song “Little Bit of Light” was featured in a Geico motorcycle commercial. And in 2019, their single “Coaccidents” won the Great American Songwriting contest.

About The Band

Strange Weather began as the solo project of Sean Brennan, who performs and produces the recordings, but in recent months it has grown into a powerhouse five piece live band, which includes Callie Brennan (Sean’s wife), Paul Peglar (founder of the arts collective ECHT), and husband and wife duo Yula Beeri and Isaac Gardner (Y&I). The band has been compared to Talking Heads, Brazilian Girls, Vampire Weekend, Pink Floyd, Andrew Bird, and Esquivel.

Suspending Disbelief

In 2014, Brennan began work on a massively ambitious album called “Suspending Disbelief”. After five years of intense exploration and experimentation, the first single “Coaccidents” was released, winning the Great American Songwriting contest. As the singles emerge one at a time, the grand scope of the album is being revealed to fans, taking shaping like a beautiful puzzle.

On July 24, 2020, their highly anticipated debut full length album, “Suspending Disbelief” arrives everywhere. This is the rapturous summer soundtrack we all need.

Same Same But Different

Every month, Strange Weather hosts an event in Brooklyn called Same Same But Different, which they describe as “a hippie variety show…like Smothers Brothers on mushrooms”. It’s a phones-free event with music, comedy, poetry, magic, burlesque, bonfires, and a regular crowd of about 100 people. Through Same Same, Strange Weather has built a passionate fanbase in NYC.

Curing Blindness

Brennan suffers from a rare degenerative eye disease called Choroideremia, and is gradually going blind. The band has recently partnered with The Choideremia Research Foundation (CRF) to help plan fundraising events to raise money for gene therapy research.

“…could this be complete coincidence?”