“The Fool’s Journey” by Strange Weather

The story of a fool in love

When we meet the protagonist of The Fool’s Journey he is alone in his private sunny Eden – naive and optimistic. But looming inside him is a hidden darkness threatening to emerge. Suddenly, he falls in love, and down the rabbit hole we go. Over the course of the album, the Fool is stripped of his naivete. Through romance and trauma, challenges and riddles, the Fool – this creature of light – learns to see the shadows.

Like in a deck of Tarot cards, each song in The Fool’s Journey is both a chapter in the story and an archetype, representing a particular corner of the human condition.

“All of these songs were born at Same Same – the party series we host at our house in Brooklyn,” says Sean Brennan. “Once a month, we were having 100 people in our house, and I just wanted to make everybody dance. And I wanted to make it magical and mysterious and raucous and sexy. But mostly just fun.”

Stylistically, the album ranges from meditative Indian psychedelia to bombastic 90s rock to 70s Afrobeat to spaghetti western and everything in between.

Strange Weather is the experimental indie rock project of songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Sean Brennan. The band includes Callie Brennan (vocals), Paul Peglar (keys and vocals), Philip Ambuel (bass), Alex Beckmann (drums and percussion), Isaac Gardner (drums and percussion), Evan Hamaguchi (saxophone), and Ethan Fox (tablas).

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Strange Weather’s music is an intricate weave of musical elements spanning genres and decades. The project is not afraid to experiment, to mix and match, creating a unique symphony that evokes reminiscences of Talking Heads, the vibrancy of Fela Kuti and the audacity of King Gizzard. Strange Weather’s songs are like doors opening to diverse musical worlds, taking listeners on a sensory journey that defies expectations and embraces the unknown.”

Oleada Indie

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“This is a masterpiece.”