Cat Janice and I got together almost exactly a year ago today, and we set out to write a song.  Neither of us had ever released a proper “collab”, so we didn’t know exactly how it would go.  Cat was really excited about this young astronaut she had read about, Alyssa Carson, who “was already selected to be the first person to go to Mars”, so we decided to write a duet about a girl who leaves her earthly boyfriend behind to explore the cosmos.  It turns out that news story about the first girl on Mars wasn’t exactly “true”. Regardless, we had a blast writing and recording it, and a couple months later we had the finished song.  A couple months after that, Cat was diagnosed with cancer.  Since March, she’s been through an intense regimen of chemo, and recently had surgery.  Seeing this beautiful, vibrant young mother put through such a devastating ordeal has been heartbreaking, but the grace and acceptance and determination that she’s maintained has been so deeply inspiring.  So far, things are looking really good for Cat.  She posts a lot of great stuff on her Instagram and TikTok, so check her out. Despite what she says in the song, she is most definitely coming back.

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