Strange Weather is the experimental-pop project of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Sean Brennan. In their bones, the songs are timeless classics, embodied as romantic psychedelia – cinematic daydreams with a echoes of Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, and Esquivel.

Born outside Baltimore, Brennan began composing for chamber ensembles in his teens. After studying poetry at college, he began working at a studio in his hometown, producing music for television, radio, and theatre. In 2011, he relocated to Brooklyn where he currently lives with his wife.

Brennan has been diagnosed with a rare genetic eye disease called Choroideremia, and he is gradually going blind. After a few years of accelerated vision loss, in summer 2014 Brennan moved to the beach near Assateague Island, Maryland, where he built a studio and began work on a full length album, Suspending Disbelief. The first single, “Coaccidents”, was released in May 2019, and won First Prize in the Great American Songwriting Contest.

In 2017, “Little Bit of Light” was used by GEICO in their Motorcycle campaign. Strange Weather has expanded into a rotating cast of characters that includes Callie Brennan, Davis Rowan, Paul Peglar, Sarah Mount, Matt Tobin, Slark Moan, Dan Drohan, Meia Noite, Yula Beeri, Isaac Gardner, and Avram Fefer.


From Obscure Sound:

“Suspending Disbelief” transports listeners to an island on the Pacific, abundant with colorful fruits that induce friendly, warming psychedelic effects. The track is a consuming, atmospheric gem from Strange Weather, the experimental-pop project of multi-instrumentalist Sean Brennan. Brennan is originally from just outside Baltimore, and in 2014 moved to a beach near Assateague Island, Maryland. There, he built a studio and began work on full-length album Suspending Disbelief, all while gradually losing his vision (Brennan has a rare genetic eye disease called Choroideremia).

The release’s self-titled track certainly impresses, with swaying guitars and colorful rhythms combining with gleeful vocals. The album’s first single, “Coaccidents,” released in May and also impressed — winning first prize in the Great American Songwriting Contest.


‘Suspending Disbelief’ is the title track of debut full length LP from STRANGE WEATHER. The album is, as the band says, a ‘loose concept’ album about dreams. Sean Brennan is the creative force behind the project. And with care and preparation, the album as it is now took 5 years to complete. Started in 2014, the brunt of the calypso/bossa stylized offering is a whimsical cavalcade of pop drama in song(s). The animal hulas, wave in the mind of your listening habits, and your cocktail of grand dreams, expand in pastel sunshine and grains of white beaches in a far off Universe.

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