Cat Janice and I got together almost exactly a year ago today, and we set out to write a song.  Neither of us had ever released a proper “collab”, so we didn’t know exactly how it would go.  Cat was really excited about this young astronaut she had read about, Alyssa Carson, who “was already selected to be the first person to go to Mars”, so we decided to write a duet about a girl who leaves her earthly boyfriend behind to explore the cosmos.  It turns out that news story about the first girl on Mars wasn’t exactly “true”. Regardless, we had a blast writing and recording it, and a couple months later we had the finished song.  A couple months after that, Cat was diagnosed with cancer.  Since March, she’s been through an intense regimen of chemo, and recently had surgery.  Seeing this beautiful, vibrant young mother put through such a devastating ordeal has been heartbreaking, but the grace and acceptance and determination that she’s maintained has been so deeply inspiring.  So far, things are looking really good for Cat.  She posts a lot of great stuff on her Instagram and TikTok, so check her out. Despite what she says in the song, she is most definitely coming back.

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During the past 18 months, whenever someone asked me what I was missing during Covid I said without hesitation “Same Same.”  The people I’ve met and the conversations I’ve had at Same Same are just so damn good, and even in NYC that’s hard to find reliably.  Bars and venues are loud and crowded and expensive – Same Same is intimate but exciting and connective.  The performances are always amazing, and there are always surprises.  Strange Weather will be playing, along with a bunch of other great artists. So if you’re around, you really should come.

Same Same

435 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

7/24 8pm

We have limited capacity, so get your tickets in advance! The money goes to paying the performers


After six years in the making, my first full length album “Suspending Disbelief” is out in its entirety. If you’ve been tuning in over the past year, you’ve probably heard some of these songs before, but a lot of it will be new to you.“Suspending Disbelief” was designed as a whole, with themes and motifs and everything, so I believe it rewards a full listen. It is just under an hour, so if you don’t have time to listen all the way through, please Like it, Save it to your library, Heart it, Share it – any and all of that helps tell The Algorithm that people like my music, and I really need The Algorithm to think I’m popular.And lastly, most importantly, please say Hi. I’ve spent years working on this music, mostly in solitude, dreaming of the day when people could hear it. And since I can’t really throw a big party and see all of your faces, it will be a very quiet Release Day. If you listen to this and you like it, I’d love to know about it. After all, I made this for you.

Listen to Suspending Disbelief:


Apple Music


Thank you to these beautiful people for helping bring this music to life:

Dan Drohan – Drums

Paul Peglar – Vocals and Organ

Sarah Mount – Vocals

Callie Brennan – Vocals

Rose Rutledge – Flute

Matt Tobin – Violin

Meia Noite – Cuica

Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone (Sterling Sound) – Mastering

Cassady Rae Marietta – Artwork

Indie blog Alchemical Records reviewed our latest song “Tidal Wave”, here’s an excerpt:

” ‘Tidal Wave’ is the flagship single from our upcoming full length debut album, Suspending Disbelief. The album was made over the course of five years, with frontman Sean Brennan playing most instruments, and producing it himself. “Tidal Wave” features a very catchy rhythm that makes you feel that everything in life is as it should be.”