“New Moon Voodoo” introduces you to the protagonist of the next Strange Weather album, The Fool’s Journey. It’s about a naive optimist, born into a life of serenity, and the looming darkness that threatens to emerge. Each month you’ll get a new chapter in the story. I’m very excited for you to hear this one. give it a listen and a like, and the most helpful thing in the world would be for you to share it. Click the picture for listening links!

Indie music blog ComeHereFloyd reviewed our latest song, “Suspending Disbelief”:

” ‘Suspending Disbelief’ is the title track of debut full length LP from STRANGE WEATHER. The album is, as the band says, a ‘loose concept’ album about dreams. Sean Brennan is the creative force behind the project. And with care and preparation, the album as it is now took 5 years to complete. Started in 2014, the brunt of the calypso/bossa stylized offering is a whimsical cavalcade of pop drama in song(s). The animal hulas, wave in the mind of your listening habits, and your cocktail of grand dreams, expand in pastel sunshine and grains of white beaches in a far off Universe.”

See the full post: https://comeherefloyd.com/strange-weather-them-apples-weatheredman-and-the-noise-yohio-maple-beech/