Cat Janice and I got together almost exactly a year ago today, and we set out to write a song.  Neither of us had ever released a proper “collab”, so we didn’t know exactly how it would go.  Cat was really excited about this young astronaut she had read about, Alyssa Carson, who “was already selected to be the first person to go to Mars”, so we decided to write a duet about a girl who leaves her earthly boyfriend behind to explore the cosmos.  It turns out that news story about the first girl on Mars wasn’t exactly “true”. Regardless, we had a blast writing and recording it, and a couple months later we had the finished song.  A couple months after that, Cat was diagnosed with cancer.  Since March, she’s been through an intense regimen of chemo, and recently had surgery.  Seeing this beautiful, vibrant young mother put through such a devastating ordeal has been heartbreaking, but the grace and acceptance and determination that she’s maintained has been so deeply inspiring.  So far, things are looking really good for Cat.  She posts a lot of great stuff on her Instagram and TikTok, so check her out. Despite what she says in the song, she is most definitely coming back.

Give the song a listen or five, and please, Like it, Add it to a playlist, and Share it!  All of those things are hugely helpful.


Indie blog Alchemical Records reviewed our latest song “Tidal Wave”, here’s an excerpt:

” ‘Tidal Wave’ is the flagship single from our upcoming full length debut album, Suspending Disbelief. The album was made over the course of five years, with frontman Sean Brennan playing most instruments, and producing it himself. “Tidal Wave” features a very catchy rhythm that makes you feel that everything in life is as it should be.”

Recently, I’ve become the audio editor on a wonderful podcast hosted by Elissa Weinzimmer called “How to Speak Your Truth”. The most recent episode, which came out today, is a conversation with the actor and writer Obi Ndefo. I won’t tell you too much, because I think you should listen to the conversation, but I will say that Obi recently experienced a life-changing, nightmarish trauma. The kind of experience that you imagine and say to yourself, Well at least THAT hasn’t happened to me. And the fact that after this he is still alive, and still optimistic, and active, and generous is humbling.

Another recent activity of mine has been a meditative practice that the Stoics (Marcus Aurelius, Seneca) advocated called Negative Visualization. It’s not complicated, you just periodically imagine Your Life+Something Terrible. Like, I am who I am but I’m deaf, or My wife died, or I’m currently burning alive in a fire, or whatever, you know what Bad is. The goal is to increase your gratitude and appreciation for what your life actually is. And in some ways, it’s the ONLY way to do that. So when I heard Obi’s conversation with Elissa, my first thought was “Welp, here’s my Negative Visualization.” And the remarkable thing is, Obi’s living that reality, and with grace. Again, I highly recommend you listen to it. And if you’re moved to, donate to his Go Fund Me.

I had the pleasure of arranging and producing this song, “Make The World Better”, which was performed by some incredible kids who collaborated across the country on this project. The song was written by Charlotte Bowder, who you’ll see first, and the video was produced by the inimitable Rosa Gaia. Check it out, spread it around: