“The Last Man Alive” has been out for just over a week, and it’s been getting a bit of buzz. It’s been popping up on a bunch of great playlists and today NYStateMusic.com posted a review on the front page of their site ūüôā It’s pretty cool to get some love from New York’s music hub, considering the song was inspired by Rip Van Winkle, the OG sleepy Yankee. Check out the article here:

The one and only Oleada Indie recently wrote an awesome review of “Who’s Got the Power?”, saying:

“Strange Weather’s music is an intricate weave of musical elements spanning genres and decades.¬†The project is not afraid to experiment, to mix and match, creating a unique symphony that evokes reminiscences of Talking Heads, the vibrancy of Fela Kuti and the audacity of King Gizzard.¬†Strange Weather’s songs are like doors opening to diverse musical worlds, taking listeners on a sensory journey that defies expectations and embraces the unknown.”

You can read the whole article here.

There are a lot of firsts in this video: the first video I’ve ever directed and edited, the first video Callie ever filmed, the first time I got nekked on film…and maaaybe? I’m ashamed to admit this, but filming the last scene of this may have been the first time I ever swam naked in the ocean. And it immediately became my favorite thing in the world. So, give it a gander, let us know what you think in the comments, and share it with your peoples ~ XO

Kerstin Kertochwill of Tonspion wrote, “When the¬†Talking Heads¬†dance¬†with¬†Pink Floyd¬†and¬†hit off Tame Impala¬†and the¬†LCD Soundsystem¬†, then the sound of Strange Weather from Baltimore was pretty well captured: behind the experimental project is multi-instrumentalist Sean Brennan, who is a progressive with “Five Year Plan” psychedelic dream wrote.”…translated by Google. Read the whole post here:


Indie music blog ComeHereFloyd reviewed our latest song, “Suspending Disbelief”:

” ‚ÄėSuspending Disbelief‚Äô is the title track of debut full length LP from STRANGE WEATHER. The album is, as the band says, a ‚Äėloose concept‚Äô album about dreams. Sean Brennan is the creative force behind the project. And with care and preparation, the album as it is now took 5 years to complete. Started in 2014, the brunt of the calypso/bossa stylized offering is a whimsical cavalcade of pop drama in song(s). The animal hulas, wave in the mind of your listening habits, and your cocktail of grand dreams, expand in pastel sunshine and grains of white beaches in a far off Universe.”

See the full post: https://comeherefloyd.com/strange-weather-them-apples-weatheredman-and-the-noise-yohio-maple-beech/